What is Jenazah House?

In a Jenazah House, it will provide items, facilities, and areas to perform the acts of jenazah in a fast and cost-efficient manner without the burden of paying for the resources and services that they lack in their area.

Problem faced by muslims in minority Muslim lands to perform acts of Jenazah

in poor Muslim minorities countries, they face difficulties to perform the jenazah for their loved ones as they are not as well equipped to perform the jenazah due to the lack of resources and facilities. This results in them having to pay for such facilities and services which would be costly. Such costs could even lead them to use loans.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  said :
Whomsoever gives ghusl to a deceased and conceals his defects, will be forgiven forty times. Whomsoever enshrouds a deceased person, Allah will clothe him with the fine silk of Jannah. Whoever digs a grave for a deceased person and buries him, will receive the reward of giving him a place to reside in till the Day of Qiyamah.
(Mustadrak Hakim, vol. 1 pg. 354)
So, let’s help these needy Muslim minorities by providing them facilities to carry out their jenazah with ease.

Jenazah House


  • Interested Muslims can have full share of the Jenazah House by contributing the full amount or have a portion of share on the Jenazah House by contributing their desired amount
  • We will be building in countries where Muslim need Jenazah House
  • Only $250 per share

Please note that the name on behalf for each House in Paradise slot is capped to 30 characters as it will be engraved.

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