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Iftar - افطار الصائم

What is meant by Iftar ? Iftar is to feed a fasting person, the fast-breaking meal is eaten after sunset.

Why contribute to Iftar? The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: ‘Whoever feeds a person breaking his fast will earn the same reward as him, without anything being lessened from the reward of the fasting person’. (Tirmidhi)

Iftar for fasting people will be served on: Monday and Thursday The White days (13,14, 15 of the month) Ashura’a (9,10,11 of Muharram) Arafah ( 9th Of Zhul Hijjah) 6 Days in Syawwal Ramadhan

Iftar Monthly Subscription

From: $15.00 / month

Iftar Giving
-Help provide Iftar to people who are fasting
-Video & Certificate provided

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